10 Signs You’re Matchmaking A Social Media Addict

Did you know over 30% of Brits acknowledge to checking their unique smartphone during intercourse?! wild, correct?

Years back, I dated some guy some guy who would right away hop out of bed after sex to evaluate his e-mail. During the time I was thinking his behavior was fanatical, anti-social and incredibly un-sexy. Nevertheless given the statistic overhead, it now appears like little peanuts in comparison. Now that social media is actually everywhere and incorporated into virtually every part of our everyday physical lives, there there are so many more ways to alienate people you’re internet dating.

Discover 12 obvious signs that you are matchmaking a social networking addict:

1. Once they text one to make ideas, their own communications consist of hashtags:

“exactly what are you doing this evening? #FridayNight #DateNight #ILikeYou #WatchingGameOfThrones

2. You have got this following discussion during supper:

Them: “How was your day at your workplace?”

You: “much less good, I’m convinced i will get discharged.”

Them: “HAHA, oh my goodness, that is entertaining!!”

You: “Excuse me?”

All of them: “Oh sorry, I found myself merely chuckling during that video clip @MonsterMan999 posted on Twitter of a bunch of Muppets twerking. Just what happened to be you saying?”

3. They inform you, “i believe we have to talk. I seen you never “like” the situations I post on myspace or Instagram.”

4. You’re using the sexiest intimate apparel (or boxer shorts, or exactly what have you) and they are standing up near to you reading other people’s fb statuses aloud:

“Oh my god, did you see Barry’s status improvement about consuming cheesecake while watching Breaking negative? HILARIOUS!”

5. Simply because the person you are matchmaking needs to inspect their fb, Twitter, texting and Instagram instantly before, after and sometimes even while having sex. It’s reached the main point where a week ago you caught all of them examining their e-mail with a condom still on. As soon as you face all of them, they respond:

“Sorry, it is simply that Casey and I tend to be discussing ideas about cute minimal Liars. You recognize right?”

6. They get truly pissed off that you will not allow them to list your own bedroom as a check-in point on Foursquare….or worse yet, the vagina.

7. The program “Sister Wives” begins to seem oddly relatable since it feels like you are in a polyamorous relationship aided by the person you’re matchmaking, their particular new iphone 4, their unique MacBook as well as their two iPads.

8. During a heart to heart talk, the individual you’re internet dating claims for your requirements: “I’m having actual concerns about our very own connection. My personal Klout score has gone to crap since we started chilling out.”

9. All of your current dates start to remind you of that world from Portlandia in which Fred will get trapped in a “technology cycle.”

(“i recently should send yet another book!”)

10. You take into account presenting an intervention, but it’s too-late – they have posted a break-up  video to Vine. There isn’t Vine, but fortunately it had been cc’ed to Twitter and Facebook.





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